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Hummel Brothers Auto Service

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When you need auto repair, bring your vehicle into a local auto shop you can trust! Located on Industrial Street in Burlington, Ontario, Hummel Brothers Automotive is a full-service automotive shop with experienced mechanics. From repairs to maintenance, our services are personalized to suit your needs and budget.

Quality Parts and Products

Not only do we perform all necessary repairs and maintenance with skill and care, but also we use high quality parts made to last. We also perform routine fluid replacements using brands we trust.

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Book your automotive service in Burlington today! Call Hummel Brothers Automotive at 905-333-2800 to schedule your vehicle’s service.

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We Service All Foreign & Domestic Vehicles:

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About Your Local Burlington Auto Shop

Why Choose Hummel Brothers Automotive

When you need auto repairs, trust your local auto shop for personalized service you can’t always get with chains and dealerships. Hummel Brothers Automotive is a family business built on the promise of quality workmanship and great customer service.

Full-Service Automotive Shop in Burlington

When we say full-service, we mean we offer bumper-to-bumper repairs and maintenance. We offer fair, competitive pricing with the added bonus of excellent customer service.

See our full list of repair and maintenance services to get a better understanding of what we offer!

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Known for their excellent mechanics and team, each employee of Hummel Brothers holds the same commitment as the owners:

In The News

Make sure your vehicle is ready for your summer road trips

Are you planning any major road trips this summer? If you are, the staff at Hummel Brothers Automotive in Burlington strongly suggest you bring your vehicle in to ensure it’s ready for all the kilometres you plan to put on the odometer.
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Personalized Services: The Repairs and Maintenance YOU NEED

Having a car or truck is incredibly convenient. It can get you from point A to point B relatively comfortably and relatively quickly. That said, we cannot take this convenience for granted. Personal automobiles are complex machines. Every part has a purpose, but over time and with wear and tear, parts can break down causing your convenient mode of transportation to fail. In the event of a system failure, you need an experienced skilled mechanics to perform the necessary repairs.

We offer the following auto repairs:

Hummel Brothers Automotive can perform the following auto maintenance services to keep it your vehicle on the road longer:
Dashboard, speedometer, RPMs, Auto Gauges

(engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid)

To book any of the above services, please call the auto shop or drop in!

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Quality Products Make a Difference. You Deserve the Best!

Hummel Brothers Automotive using uses quality products and parts for auto maintenance and auto repair! Call today at 905-333-2800 to find out more or book a service appointment.

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