Make sure your vehicle is ready for your summer road trips

Are you planning any major road trips this summer? If you are, the staff at Hummel Brothers Automotive in Burlington strongly suggest you bring your vehicle in to ensure it’s ready for all the kilometres you plan to put on the odometer.

Before your big trek across the country, check and top up all fluids and consider getting a tune-up. Make a car kit containing any small tools or fluids you may need in case something happens on the highway or back roads. Check your tires for tread life, correct pressure and any bulges or punctures. Make sure your spare tire is in good working order so it can be used if you blow a tire on the trip.

Make sure windshield wipers are in good working order. Many road trips travel across different weather patterns, so be ready for anything. Always check your car’s air filter, and above all else, check your oil. If you are due for an oil change, get it done before the trip. Nothing will ruin a trip quicker than being stuck on the side of a road in a city you are unfamiliar with. The only thing worse is using your vacation money to make repairs and being unable to continue on your journey.

Hummel Brothers Automotive, services Burlington and the surrounding area. They can take care of all your vehicle needs before you start on your summer trip. Allow them to look after your brake repairs, give your engine a tune-up and make sure your tires are rotated and balanced. They can do an overall safety inspection, look after all general repairs and, of course, ensure that your air conditioning is in top working order.

Contact Hummel Brothers Automotive today. Call 905-333-2800 to set up your appointment. You can also email their shop, and they will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

This summer, before you start out on that family vacation across the provinces or into the States, make sure your vehicle is as ready as you are.

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